Thursday, November 6, 2008


(The Garden of Hope and Courage)


After my cruise, I decided it was about time I got back to some serious exercise. Not my favorite thing to do, but whenever I do, I always feel good about it.

As a volunteer at our hospital, I get a discount at their "Wellness Center" - a beautiful facility with a pool, massage rooms, all kinds of equipment and classes. I had to have a certain form signed before I could set up my enrollment. (Isn't there always another form to be signed?) And of course, I had to wait for the lady who needed to sign it as she was in conference.

This forced me to "slow down" and "wait" - yikes - I hate doing both of those. While I was waiting I took a walk around and sat in "The Garden of Hope and Courage" situated on the grounds of this hospital.

This is an oasis from the pain, fear and suffering that usually accompanies a hospital stay. Depending upon their condition, some patients as well as family members and staff are often found enjoying this garden. It is a haven in which one can recharge the spirit with - as it is so aptly named - hope and courage.

A tranquil lake is the center point with a concrete walkway forming an outline around the water. Huge banyan trees, exotic flowers, ferns, trees and other plants are in abundance. There are also bricked walking areas off to the sides of the path with sculptures, benches, quiet areas for solitude and prayer. Bridges cross over the water at various points as one walks around the perimeter.

There is a children's garden with statues of a large turtle, little children crossing a brook and pint-sized picnic tables. It's magical. So very inviting! There is a ceremonial pavilion named "The Tommy Bahama Pavilion".

God is HERE. I see and feel His nearness in the wind-ruffled leaves and the wisps of my hair being gently blown across my cheek.

Sweet peace. Sweet God.

Prayer Girl


Faith said...

I really missed you guys!!

AlkySeltzer said...

God is HERE.

Now that's a 'prayer'. Thanks!

Shadow said...

wow, that is a wonderful garden you have. right there. so close. you're lucky!

Cat said...

I am not great at slowing down and waiting either - what a wonderful thing you did - found a place to feel and see evidence of God around you.

Have an excellent weekend!


Gabriella Moonlight said...

wow what a great reminder to slow down and notice what is right in front of us when we look and listen. God!
Thank you!