Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sunday 11/30 - IN EVERY AGE


Beautiful, haunting words and melody are what captured my heart and soul today as I sat in church singing the words to "In Every Age".
Here they are:

In every age, O God, you have been our refuge.
In every age, O God, you have been our hope.

Long before the mountains came to be
and the land and sea and stars of the night,
through the endless seasons of all time,
you have always been, you will always be.

Destiny is cast, and at your silent word
we return to dust and scatter to the wind.
A thousand years are like a single moment gone,
as the light that fades at the end of day.

Teach us to make use of the time we have.
Teach us to be patient even as we wait.
Teach us to embrace our every joy and pain.
To sleep peacefully, and to rise up strong.
Some thoughts about these words:
I feel the power and majesty in this song that God possesses - capable of relieving the hopeless condition of mind and body that is the state of an alcoholic, the power to arrest the progression of this fatal disease, and to totally transform a person's life. God's power heals all manner of hopeless conditions.

God is our refuge in times of trouble and always a beacon of hope leading us up out of the pit of despair, into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, through the steps, and into an ever growing awareness of our relationship with Him.

God has always been and always will be. That thought is full of faith and hope. God does not change, but He can bring about change in us. Here is the mystery of time again. (A thousand years are like a single moment gone, as the light fades at the end of day.) When I want things to go faster, they always seem to drag. When I want time to slow down, that's when it really seems to speed up - - - - a mystery!

This song is like a prayer - asking to be taught to use our time wisely, be patient as we wait for change, learn to live with the joy and pain of life, and to be given peace and strength. This song makes a great prayer and meditation..............
something to spend time in the silence with.

May you all sleep peacefully tonight and rise up strong to enjoy the new day....SOBER!

Prayer Girl


mile191 said...

Thank you. The words are comforting and full of strength. The picture is amazing. I shall dream of it tonight, instead of the other stuff. I will myself to dream of it.

thank you.

oh, and a little prayer will help.

love and thanks to you, always.

hope ♥

♥Shann♥ said...

ooh thank you too! I soo love this! I am stealing it and putting it in my office :)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is an amazing post, as always you are wonderful...this is a beautiful way for me to wake up and share my day...sober! thank you Prayer Girl!! More than words can say I thank you!!!