Thursday, November 27, 2008



Before I begin my blog about smiling, I want to say something about Thanksgiving. For many Thanksgiving will be a wonderful day full of love and happiness. For many others, Thanksgiving will be a time of feelings of sadness and loss.

I wish everyone blessings on this day. Perhaps you've guessed from some of my poems that I believe "time" is a mystery.

For those who are enjoying the day, I hope you savor every second of every minute of your celebration.

For those who are hoping this day will just end quickly, I say that each day is but a blink of the eye in the mind of God. The day will start, end, and a new day will dawn.

God understands and blesses all. I send my love and prayers.


(Stopped at the red light, smile is what I did
when I saw this bumper sticker
on the car in front of me.)

Thinking about this blog while in the shower, I had one thought right after another. My soul tends to be on the more serious side. It's lighter side needs more attention - needs more smiles.

A corollary bumper sticker came to mind:
"Laughter - It's the second-best thing
you can do with your lungs!"

Smiling, laughter - they are all great medicine and uplifting for the spirit.

At times it is hard to express emotions so sometimes I rent a sad movie and allow the tears to flow if sadness is on my heart. If it is laughter I need, I will watch a comedy or read something funny. Holidays can be a difficult time. If "down" is the feeling of the day, maybe a funny movie will help.

Someone recently blogged about things that make her smile.
Since a smile is the second-best way to use my lips,
these are some things that make me smile:

  • A funny movie
  • Children laughing
  • Seeing the "Smile" bumper sticker
  • Having hubby say, "Let's eat out tonight."
  • Syd's blog - "the biscuit timer"
  • Seeing the light of understanding "switch on" in the eyes of a sponsee
  • The light of understanding hitting me
  • The beauty of the "Living Christmas Tree" that steveroni plays violin for every Christmas
  • Smiles on the faces of my 'roni, my children, and those they love
  • A crisp, clear day with the smell of woodsmoke in the air

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mile191 said...

smilings my favorite [from Elf]

actually i love that saying, and i love what you wrote here.

thank you. i feel very uplifted by your cheer.

thanks for your comments and your care.

i always say to my kids.
smilings my favorite

and my husband says
make work your favorite.

so my 14 year old when right to
work last night....

work on his christmas list.


i need to share these positive things as well.

they do make you smile.

thanks again.

mile191 said...

i came back to say thanks, both of you. hope your holidays are lovely, and that you know what you have come to mean to me.

thanks for the prayers. you have mine as well.

be safe...

Shadow said...

happy thanksgiving to all of you!

your smiles made me smile too. especially the 'crisp, clear day with the smell of woodsmoke in the air'

big Jenn said...

Your Bolg made me smile! Happy Thanksgiving.Have a wonderful day! jeNN

Femin Susan said...

Very cool your blog!
Great! Keep writing…….
Good week……… Welcome to my blog…….

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, no, not everyone is happy and excited on this day(me) I will watch "Planes Trains and Automobiles" today. Always makes me laugh and cry.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Thanks for the Smiles!!! Just what I needed and I love that bumper sticker too! I smile a lot and I love to smile at people...just to smile. I hope your holiday was great and I too love the smell of woodsmoke on a cold day!

Love, G~~*