Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday 3/16/10 - "PEOPLE, PLACES, AND THINGS"


Tuesday was filled with people, places, and things. Morning brought prayers that my hospital volunteering would be directed by God. When I arrived the other Monday volunteer was sick so I had my choice of south or north tower. I chose to see the patients where there was a request for visiting in both towers.

The last visit remains in my mind - a lesson in the unpredictability of life. I entered a room where an old woman in a wheelchair was sitting beside her bed eating her lunch and another younger woman was seated by the window reading (her daughter). I discovered during the course of the visit that the patient's 90th birthday was coming up on March 21st and she had booked a celebration cruise for herself, her two daughters and their children. The family members going with the patient had never been on a cruise and it was to be a magical time for all. Several days earlier, this elderly woman fell and broke her hip - no cruise for her. One daughter and her children had already canceled their reservation. I don't know the details of how she broke her hip, but she told me it happened because she wasn't minding her own business.

I sum up what I found in that room: She was inconsolable.
I could identify with her situation. We prayed. I can only hope God gave me the right words that would lessen her self-hatred, loathing, and deep sadness and regret.

After the hospital Steve and I met my son visiting from Tampa for lunch. We had a wonderful meal and conversation. His birthday is the 29th so he got his present early. After lunch we had coffee at Starbucks. I tried their new espresso drink, cherry mocha latte. Delicious. I decided to skip worrying about the calories in it and just enjoyed it.

Next came a walk with Mr. Dog in the still beautiful sunshiny low 70s day. I am delighting in this weather as long as it lasts. A 20 minute walk I can handle and seems to be enough for Lucky to expend his pent-up energy and give his bloodhound-like nose plenty of activity.

I had a long talk with my Al-Anon sponsor and I was filled with gratitude that I have this woman in my life. She grounds me.

Daughter and I rounded out the day with dinner out with longtime friends. I ate two cherry pastries so now I will be back to the gym and watching the calories.

Life is good. Life is unpredictable. I have learned to focus on appreciating each moment of each day, one day at a time.

I pray God blesses your day.

Prayer Girl

(Photo credit: The balloon carrier by worthyG@deviantart.com)


Brian Miller said...

love the wisdom in that last line...and a cherry mocha latte...must try...

Kim A. said...

After the cherry expresso and the cherry desserts I thought you were going to say the cherry trees were blossoming on your walk :-D I love to hear about days like yours. I have them too and they are so comforting and filled with gratitude I could just float.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, just wonderful. Thank you so much for that!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

God most certainly blessed my day by reading this post, the positivity the joy of life coming out and the profound understanding that we so often have no control over the things that happen. I have no doubt that God spoke to the woman and she heard in her soul. Love you

Syd said...

And as I read your title I thought about how powerless I am over those people, places and things. Great post!

Enchanted Oak said...

Today you enjoyed the blessings of people, places, and things. It was fun to read how your day unfolded. I'm so thankful we can have days like this today, full of human contact and delicious things and fine moments.

Anonymous said...

It really comes down to the simple little things that are such a blessing.

Kathy M. said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I feel badly for the 90-year-old woman, though. I'm sure she felt blessed by your visit.

Paula said...

I needed to read this positivity today. And I love cherries in all ways possible. Thanks for being out there

Anonymous said...

Two cherry pastries, you could ship the salad to make up for it!