Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday 2/18/10 - "TIME IS LOST"


Intriguing picture and thought. '"Time is Lost". I thought about ways to slow the loss. When I slow down from the bustling activities of the day I can reflect on how precious are the moments of my life.

God intervened in my life with the gift of sobriety. He brought me to Alcoholics Anonymous and gave me the strength to not drink one-day-at-a-time. I reached out and took that offered gift. With God's help I was able to stop the constant loss of time. I lost a lot of time in the years I drank. I lost time to fear, anxiety, blackouts and constant thoughts about the next drink.

I frequently hear about freak accidents as I make my rounds visiting hospital patients. Many of the people I visit have come in through the emergency room. One minute they were enjoying nice meals, working around their homes, sleeping soundly - and the next thing, they are in the hospital.

How can I minimize the loss of precious time?

I can "stop and smell the roses". I can slow down, stop running, and allow myself space to enjoy the beauties of life.

Time slows when I am in prayer and meditation.

Keeping my eyes on where my feet are rather than ruminating about the past or projecting into the future seems to stop the swift passage of time.

Reflecting on the many things I am grateful for allows the moments to pass more slowly.

When I stop the busy activity of my day, go over to the tray of candles daughter gave me at Christmas, light each one with a prayer, watch them flicker, snuff them out one at a time, and watch the smoke rise, time seems to stop during that ritual.

Being in nature sitting on my back porch, walking the dog or just stopping for a moment as I go about the outdoor errands of my day slows down time. I look around me at the brilliance of the sunlight, the beauty of the sky, the colors of the flowers and trees, breath in the sweet smell of the air, and feel the breezes caress me.

Listening - really listening to another has a way of changing the passage of time, slowing it down. I don't understand how this happens. I just know it does.

Sitting quietly in church, paying total attention to all that is transpiring allows me to savor each moment longer. It stretches out time.

Food for thought! How do you prevent the loss of time?

God bless and please remember to go to Karen's prayer blog during Lent to pray for her daughter. Thank you.

Prayer Girl
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Little M said...

I'm always so glad when I come by to read your posts. Reading this entry was like taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling. You calmed me.

Enchanted Oak said...

How do I prevent the loss of time, you ask? Hmm. Sometimes I write a poem about a moment, and that freezes the moment forever for me. It is now saved on paper. I loved your ideas, PG. You're doing some wonderful things to preserve your moments.

Susan said...

Grateful you are here. Thank you for your timely words of wisdom. And I will join the 40 day prayer blog.

Syd said...

I take photographs that capture a special moment. I find that time slows down on the boat. There are less distractions and more time to just stay in the moment.

Shadow said...

we owe it to ourselves to spend our time doing things that bring good memories and peace to our bodies and soul. and its doing those things is how you prevent the loss of time...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I love coming here each day and sharing this moment with you.

Experience is enhanced through the eyes of others.

Thank you!

Kim A. said...

This is the second post today that I am going to bookmark for re-reading when I need it. For me, really stopping and being aware of "now" is what does it for me. Hearing, feeling, seeing my surroundings, listening to my breathing, my heart, helps me to slow down and be.