Sunday, October 5, 2008



This morning I woke up with a thought for my blog. I wanted to write: "GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE -

But, then what?

All kinds of thoughts about light have come to my mind today.

First was the blog line -
"Good morning SUNSHINE to my blogger friends."

Second was a song we sang at church.

The refrain from one of the songs we sang was:

We are the LIGHT of the world,
may our LIGHT shine before all,
That they may see the good that we do,

and give glory to God.

Third was a memory that came for reasons unknown of a song from one of my favorite albums of long ago.
I remembered some lyrics from the rock musical "Hair" that went like this:
Good Morning STARSHINE

The earth says "hello"

You twinkle above us

We twinkle below.

Fourth, I thought about when I gave my guardian angel a name. Several months ago, a name "came to me". "Came to me", usually means it appeared or floated into my head. I don't know how else to explain it. guardian angel's name came to me:


Today is a day full of light for me -
let your lights shine too.
You all "do shine for me".


Light splinters through the layers
To the substance of a smile

And the essence of emotion

Light is split itself in power
Leaving pieces in all places

Prayer Girl


AlkySeltzer said...

Well, Anna, we've gotta stop reading the same books.

Shadow said...

light! aaaahhh. lovely poem!

Lou said...

I'm really going to try to let my light shine today. Thanks for the inspiration.

J-Online said...

I just opened the curtains to let the light in. I'll be thinking of what you wrote as I glance outside while working.

Akannie said...

Ah, such a blast from the a breeze that makes you stop and breathe real deep...


Syd said...

This little light of mine....

indistinct said...

In my first introduction to reading AA literature, I came across the phrase "walking in the sun light".

That phrase called out to me, still calls me.

Molls said...

Aw PG, you are the Light in my day today. Thank you!

Kathy Lynne said...

Gliddy glub gloopy
Nibby nabby noopy
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba nabba
Le le lo lo
Tooby ooby walla
Nooby abba naba