Wednesday, October 8, 2008



Your pulse surges up with the spray of the sea
As the powerful waves toss you round!

You're light as the air seeing birds soaring skyward
In intricate winged patterns rare!

Your blood races open full throttle, touched by crispness of air
That surrounds on a fall afternoon.

But why do you bunch yourself closed tight and shut
When an unbounded spirit appears?

Why at all?
A sea is just a large piece of water
A bird just an object in space
A touch of crisp breeze, just a cooled bit of air
And a spirit - why it's just a face
Prayer Girl


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo, Prayer Girl. You really have a way with the pictures :) Great post.

Zanejabbers said...

I love autumn and winter beach walks. It is so special.

Shadow said...

good thoughts, these.

Syd said...

Fall on the beach and boat is awesome. No longer having hot, humid days is awesome. All is refreshed.

mosiacmind said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Do you take them? I hope that you have a good day.

~Tyra~ said...

We've had a touch of fall this week but now it's warming up. Again.

Akannie said...

Hmmm...meltdowns seem to be in the air. Misdirected anger and fear...the world is cultivating that these days...
Glad you were able to open that box of tools at your feet, my friend....