Friday, October 17, 2008



Dear God,

I want to "write", not say, a prayer this time. We'll have some company as my blogging friends will be reading this too. I'm sure that is O.K. with you.

Thank you for the wonderful man you brought into my life over 18 years ago.
Mr. Alkyseltzer-a-roni and I are forever grateful You orchestrated our meeting and all that followed and for all the blessings you have brought us.

Thank you for the beautiful day of sunshine and breeze.

Thank you for the three sponsees I met with today. Each provides me with a wonderful opportunity to deepen my understanding of the steps as I guide them through the step they are working.

Thank you God that my daughter had a good two hour interview with a prospective employer. I know that you already know all this, but it helps me to say it. She is one of 20 candidates for 10 positions. If she gets this job, she will get much-needed medical benefits a month after her start date. If she gets this job, she won't have to try for a job at a Colorado ski resort and leave Florida. God, I told her I would be on my knees night and morning in prayer that Your will be done. Please help me remember to do this.

Thank you God that my son and his fiance both have good, steady jobs. I am so grateful that You led them to each other. What a blessing!

Thank you God for the wonderful Alanon meeting I attended today. I am grateful that I decided to buy a ticket to the Alanon Gratitude dinner tomorrow night. It is good for me to participate in an Alanon function like this. My sponsor and lots of program friends will be there. Thank you for guiding me to Alanon and to my sponsor.

Thank you God for the faith and trust in prayer you have developed in me. I don't know where I would be without it.

Thank you God for my health.

Thank you God for leading me to the blogging community.

God, please be with me when I go to the hospital on Monday. Be with me as I enter each room and may I be an instrument of your purpose for each person I visit. Help me to keep you first in my mind as I go about my work.

Thanks and goodnight God.

Prayer Girl


AlkySeltzer said...

Admittedly, I have a memory failure after approximately 3 seconds. Also, I have a memory which conjures stuff from 65 years ago.

However, IMO, this is your best, finest blog to date, Prayer Girl. I'm not just saying that because you are my wife.

Are we having my favorite Spanish Noodle Casserole tomorrow? -grin-


molly said...

awwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. that is just the best dang post eva!! sweet!

one of my fav bible phrases is 'and lo I am with you ALWAYS (!)'.. so He is with you now, at the hospital, ALWAYS. wherever you go. He goes before to make the crooked ways straight (i think that is the phrase)... And so It is.

have a good night prayer girl. i'm glad u in blogsphere too.

J-Online said...

Prayer Girl- This is absolutly beautiful. I love your prayer.

Akannie said...

Hey, PG...Thanks for letting me pray with you.

I feel much better, casserole or no casserole.

PS--We had a homemade chicken pot pie for supper tonight, the old fashioned kind with biscuits on top! YUM!

Shadow said...

what a breathtaking post! thanks!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This post was so amazing that I am going to create my own blogosphere prayer and gratitude list...of which you and steve-o-roni are a part of...thank you so much for sharing this!


Molls said...

PG--I felt that I was praying alongside you as I read. Thank you so much for sharing that.