Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday 5/31/10 - "THE DEPTH OF SIMPLICITY"


"...when I can Keep It Simple I'm walking with the guidance of my Higher Power."
(From "Having Had a Spiritual Awakening", p. 37, Alanon Family Groups)

I have spent a lifetime analyzing, reanalyzing, figuring things out, studying a question from all it's angles, trying to explain, complicating, attempting deeper understandings, and until I found Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon I was unable to find any real clarity about anything.

The older I get with the corresponding length of time in recovery the more I cherish and find most of my answers in the most simple practices.

I used to spend a fair amount of time thinking about how to pray, looking for the perfect formula for prayer only to discover that the most effective prayers I say are the simplest ones. My favorite is "God help me".

I also spent a lot of time looking for the perfect formula for meditation. Today I know that if I can get out of myself, get the focus out of my own mind, I can move into meditation. This can happen while sitting on the porch concentrating on the breeze that moves the air or hearing the repetition of a lovely tune or sitting quietly in church.

I spent a lifetime looking and searching for God in books, in churches, everywhere only to discover that God was always right with me. I have found God in the beauty of a flower, the endless expanse of sky and sea, the wiggling nose of a bunny, the beauty of a hymn, the smile that lights up a face, the happiness expressed by another, and the love I feel deep inside me.

I looked a lifetime for a deeper understanding of life and searched for the deeper meanings of life only to discover that the depth of life is to be found in a simple loving, healing touch and the simple words, "I love you".

Prayer Girl

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Syd said...

It's true that the things we most need are right in front of us.

Brian Miller said...

we can make things so hard in trying to figure them out...He is all around us, if we would just stop and notice...

see, i knew i couldnt be as

Findon said...

Simplicity is the most pwerful tool I find, in all things. So difficult to do often times, I think the answer has to be wrapped up in an enigma. It almost always isn't.

sarah said...

it's in the simple....totally agree

Andrew said...

"God is with me" is my favorite prayer.

I agree with you on meditation. I also searched high and low for the perfect technique, and found the simple things, as you described to be the most rewarding.

Lynda Young said...

It's all a journey. We start out thinking it has to be more complicated, but really it's all so simple. :)

Just Be Real said...

I know I can make things so much more difficult in my life than they should be. Blessings.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


steveroni said...

"Keep it simple": Words to live by!

PG, you state SO WELL the simpleness
of simplicity, which I also believe is the opposite of enigma.

In fact, the whole mystery of Creation can likely be simplicity itself, under which human-built layers and none left but


marie said...

I so agree with all that you wrote here although my actions often say differently. Thank you for the gentle reminders, PG!

g-man said...

I've always said that there is GREAT beauty in simplicity.
But in your case everything you say and do is beautiful...G

Anonymous said...

Simplicity is a beautiful thing. Thank You for reminding me of some of the most special things and that Gods presence is in all things. I love you. Happy day!! L

Carol said...

With the love of God I can be content.