Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday 5/7/10 - "WORDS"



Too many words

Perhaps too few

Words delicate with power full

or words with biting pain

Too many blogs or not enough

Blogs that share both love and light
Or highlight hidden pains

I'm searching for that perfect balance point of posts

I ask if such a thing can be
and answer, "Well, we'll see"

Prayer Girl

(Photo credits:
Too many by
Words by with accusing
delicate words by my dark
words by

Flash Fiction Friday 55 is hosted by G-Man


Wanda's Wings said...

Words spoken at the correct time can bring healing and life.

SL said...

Finding the right words can be what a blog is about.

Brian Miller said...

your pics are amazing...i esp love that first think there is a balance at least that is what i strive for...if we deny the darkness it is still there...nice 55.

mine is up.

Syd said...

Balance in life is a good thing.

Peter Stone said...

Love the pics, espcially the crumpled one, and the message of trying to find that balance, writing about times of joy and of hardship - a goal for every writer, I hope...

My 55 is We Stand There

Just Be Real said...

Great posts along with the pictures were perfectly PG. Thank you.

sheri... said...

um, i believe you just wrote pg! no more searching for you, now you can just kick back and be entertained ;)

Mona said...

Balance is to be sought everywhere!

järnebrand said...

A beautiful mind, beautiful words, beautiful photos... Well done!
Hugs/ Jo.

Hootin' Anni said...

In any case, words are a powerful means of expression. This 55 rocks.


Have a great weekend! [and as always, scroll down a bit to find my 55]

Anonymous said...

I really like your 55 ~ poignant words, all. The photos are perfect too. Striking the balance can, indeed, prove difficult. Sometimes we get it and others we might miss the mark ~ but the words always come.

My 55 is up (though it's a "66" today ~ I granted myself an exception):

Friday Flash 55 ~ Butterfly Kisses

Anonymous said...

I think your blogs already reflect the perfect balance point.Words are powerful. Too many too few? Something for me to think about. Thankyou. Happy Friday!! Lots of Love,L.

Kay said...

I believe...!

Anonymous said...

Nice 55, thanks. Mine's up as well at Have a great weekend!

sarah said... that first picture. Can I borrow it??? powerful post.

Monkey Man said...

Finding images is never easy and you have done magnificently. Great 55. My 55 is HERE .

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Your words are so wonderful. Mine is up HERE. Have a great Friday.

Mama Zen said...

Balance is hard to find.

Me said...

Great post, loved this 55! The pictures were wonderful as well, I especially enjoyed the first one (with the umbrella).

You could have been describing my blog with this, btw. I never really know what I'm doing there! :)

Lulda Casadaga said...

Some blogs are a waste of time...but not yours! ;)

Jingle said...

outstanding 55.
loved it absolutely!

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

awesome pictures and excellent words.
Mine is here
Have a great weekend!
Happy Mother's Day!

hope said...

I think blogging gives your words space to breathe and grow....or die before they can hurt someone.

Write on. :)