Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday 6/15/10 - "ETERNAL SENSES"


I see you here in fractured points of light
That plays across these blossoms bright

There in complexity of shades and hues

Is captured the exquisite perfection of you

Highlighting the flawless beauties trapped within

Unmarred by storms or whirling winds

And now I am transported back

Into an eternal sea of love I lack
Yet resonates within my soul so well

It fills my heart to overflowing swell

I cast myself with deep abandon here

Into the reassuring arms of God, I shed a tear

Now in the delicate traces soft of morning dew

I smell the sweetest essences of you

I cannot grasp what stirs within my spirit

With each breath as in this silence I now sit

Being touched into eternity by this love

Whose strength defies reality - from above

I reach to gently touch the softest grasses round
In this hushed and quiet solitude I've found

Through my hands now rings the pulse of life

Transforming into peace all sense of strife

I close my eyes, allow this love full rein

To fill my every space, erase all worldly pain

My ears mute out the sounds that surround me here

Tune inward, outward to farthest stretch, I hear

Music mysterious like magic notes of angel harps

Piercing deep my innermost substance sharp

Freezing me in timeless beauty still

From where I never would return by will

Here to this eternal place of endless rest

I will repair, allowing God to bring the best

That can be shared with all who are beloved

Renewing those who feel unloved

These moments like a prayer to me

May they touch your heart and set you free

Prayer Girl

(Photo credits:
Spring Blooms by amrodel@deviantart.com
blooms by Morningdust@deviantart.com
More Winter Blooms by bamako@deviantart.com)


Brian Miller said...

ah, what a sweet verse of prayer...this would be a great meditation...thank you for the peace...

sheri... said...

pg, your words are warm and heartfelt, exactly the salve my soul has been yearning for! along with enjoying your stunning photos, you've reminded me of how close He really is and that i'm going to 'make it' even when i feel like i can't. what an incredible post!!

Just Be Real said...

PG this is lovely and to the heart. Thank you for the words. Blessings.

Andrew said...

Just beautiful!

steveroni said...

WOW! Did YOU write this? And yes, it really IS a meditation. A soliloquy maybe? How peaceful, nonetheless.

thank you PG, for helping me to "put it to bed" tonight, with pleasant thoughts...and maybe a dream or two!

Syd said...

Very nice Anna. It made my heart feel good to read this.

Jingle said...

your words flow like spring water,
the images are simply touching and heavenly beautiful.

Wanda's Wings said...

Totally beautiful.

Jingle said...

you are one of my follower,thus


I want to say thank you.
Happy Saturday!