Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday 6/6/10 - "HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS"



Age 39, 95 pounds
Drunk, sobering up, drunk again
Sick of spinning, but unable to stop
God's hands reached down
Lifted me up 24+ years ago
Hope for the hopeless

Prayer Girl

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Sunday 160 is hosted by Monkey Man.


sheri... said...

...your 160 is FANTASTIC!! how you could manage to say all that using 160 characters, i don't know, but to God be the glory for that wonderful day!

Jingle said...

sad story,
uplifting lines.
Thank you for the beautiful image!

Kim A. said...

"Sick of spinning, but unable to stop"

kinda like a merry-go-round? me too. I love the pic, it speaks volumes to me. Have a wonderful week, dear.


Andrew said...

Where there is yet life, hope springs eternal.

Monkey Man said...

There is always hope. Thanks for this 160 and have a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Praise God. Your hopeless no more, You inspire hope. Thank You. LOL,L

Wanda's Wings said...

I needed to hear there is hope for the hopeless.

Brian Miller said...

in the moment you needed it most, and were ready to accept it...nice 160

moondustwriter said...

it is beautiful and true - only God can lift from the mire

steveroni said...

Hopeless and helpless, to hopeful and helpful, all in 160 words.


Anonymous said...

There is always hope, isn't there? Lovely 160. Thanks for sharing!

Syd said...

I am glad that you got lifted up and have hope.