Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesday 7/20/10 - "GRATITUDE IS ON MY MIND"


My mind is filled with thoughts of gratitude tonight. I haven't blogged about my gratefulness in a while. Today is the day.

I am grateful for:

My sensitive nature that allows me to, among other things, be filled with spirituality as I look at the picture I chose for this blog. I wrote a poem many years ago about a meadow full of flowers and this picture reminds me of it. I am filled with joy.

The realization I have that I am responsible for my feelings. If I am disturbed, upset, unhappy or feeling victimized, it is my responsibility to take whatever actions necessary, with God's help, to restore peace, serenity and calmness of spirit.

My Al-Anon sponsor and my many Al-Anon and Alcoholics Anonymous sponsees, all of whom are God in skin for me. I hear the many things God is trying to tell me from my sponsor and through my own voice as I speak with sponsees. They all guide, support and lift me up. My relationships with my sponsees challenge me to rely more and more on God.

My 25 years of sobriety and the Alcoholics Anonymous medallion that I received last Saturday at a Woman's Noon AA meeting.The meeting room was packed and I and two other friends received our yearly chips. One woman received a 4 year chip, one an 8 year chip, and I received my chip.

My daughter, her sobriety and the fact that she was the person who presented me with my chip. The three recipients and the women who presented the chips all spoke. It was a beautiful hour. Afterward many of us met at a local seafood restaurant for a celebration meal. My daughter, one of my loving sponsees, "L", and I broke bread with our friends. After the lunch, daughter, "L" and I had coffee at Starbucks. It doesn't get much better than that.

"Hope" that continues to reside within my soul "no matter what"......

Love that continues to grow in my heart.

That I am able to write a gratitude list.

That today I am able to accept the things I can't change more easily than in the past, I have more courage today to change the things that I can using the tools of my recovery programs and my sponsor and I can discern more often the difference between the things I can and can't change.

I love you all,
Prayer Girl


Brian Miller said...

sounds like a great ist to be grateful for...and i am grateful for the smiles i got in reading it...smiles.

marie said...

I do feel so grateful for all of my beautiful friends in the programs. We are so blessed, aren't we? I can relate to your gratitude and am grateful that you shared it with us here tonight.

Shadow said...

wow, congratulations on your 25 year chip!!!

your gratitudes rock!

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome gratitude list and I feel so blessed to have been a part of that special day to see you get your 25 year chip. You give me so much hope. Have a Happy day. Love you,L

Syd said...

Lots to be grateful for. Congratulations on so many years of sobriety one day at a time. That is awesome. Yes, I am responsible for my feelings.

sheri said...

prayer girl, you have to be one of the best advocates of AA! although i know there are steps to achieving and maintaining sobriety, you always share that it's so much more than following after a proven program. it's about being true and honest with yourself. learning to trust and listen to others. learning that we weren't meant to live this life on our own!
i celebrate your 25 with you, what a wonderful testimony to your 'walking the talk' :)

Andrew said...

All the best on your 25th anniversary Dear One!