Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday 7/30/10 - "INCONSOLABLE"



She was his first love, he her second.
They were inseparable. Love deepened
He left for college a year before her.

Not one letter or call came. He dropped off the face of the earth.

She was inconsolable. What was wrong with her? She felt worthless!

Many years later she understood he was spineless, gutless.

Prayer Girl

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Brian Miller said...

yeah that is a major jelly fish move....just shaking my head....nice 55.

clean and crazy said...

i have felt that pain and turned it too into bitterness. it has taken years of recovery to see i do not need to own that pain today. great 55

g-man said...

And very Stupid!!
Any time with you would be bliss.
Look at your wonderful Hubby, 87 years young and still going strong!
You certainly keep em Alive!
Loved your 55 PG.
Always one of my FAVORITE stops.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

Wanda's Wings said...

Some people!

Jingle said...

what a powerful 55.
the ending is shocking..
very brilliant art!

sheri said...

it's almost hilarious, what we will do to ourselves as we try and figure out what we did wrong! not that i'm against a thorough soul searching, i'm all for that. but just as you wrote about here, sometimes the feller is simply a big glad she figured it out :) a very powerful and to the point 55, pg!

sarah said...

powerful 55...has played out for many

Syd said...

I think people need to be straight. It is much less hurtful to just be truthful.

steveroni said...

At the same time I tell PG that she writes a "mean blog" (meaning a GOOD one!) I wish to correct that old man mr G-Man, who is deteriorating rapidly. He wrote that I am 87 YEARS old, and I am only 77. because HE is 87, he wishes EVERYONE to be that age.

I hope you all, you all, you all, you all, you all understand. He is one sickkkkkkk-o blogger (but he's NICE--grin!)!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

This was a painful painful read.

I remember that spiny feeling. I didn't like it. Still don't.

God save us!