Sunday, September 21, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008-SOME DISTANT GALACTIC POINT


I shall be a shooting star
But see me not from some point of this orb
Falling into Oblivion

But rather from some distant galactic point

Racing outward – reaching heavenward

Stretching on and out

Swift-paced through space and time

A pulsing signal racing towards a sphere

Towards Earth - -

A pass point in infinity

Prayer Girl

I have to say that now that I've learned the simple process of including a photo in my blog, I would find it hard to blog without one. I've fallen in love with the idea. My blog might feel naked without it.

With that in mind, I matched the photo I found above with the poem written somewhere about 1970.

If I find that using a picture as part of the theme for my blog becomes a drag, then I'll just include one that I
really need for rhyme or reason.



J-Online said...

Beautiful poem and very cool picture! You are very talented Prayer Girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi PG just stopping by to catch up with you. Great posts!

Shadow said...

hey! shooting star it is!!!!

AlkySeltzer said...

Now we know which came first, the chicken nor the was the POEM!

Really nice. Thanks.

Lou said...

Great pic & poem. Very nice match.

Like you said though, it does not have to match. I for one like things that don't make any sense!

Kathy Lynne said...

I like doing the photo thing too and adding things I want to remember like videios and stuff. Blogging is fun!

Syd said...

The photo thing is fun. I enjoy finding a photo that goes with what I've posted, although sometimes there isn't a match.